DeltaPlugin A tool for handling and converting markup-based versions of esp files.

Templates are available on the delta-plugin branch of my void-packages fork.

How To Install From My Repo

  1. Add my repo.
  2. Update your package index: xbps-install -S
  3. Install the package: xbps-install delta-plugin
  4. Note that the binary is called delta_plugin with an underscore.

How To Build From My Template

  1. Clone my fork of void-packages, or add it as a remote to an existing clone. Ensure you are on the DeltaPlugin branch.
  2. Create or update your xbps-src bootstrap env as needed.
  3. Build the packages (this takes a long time): ./xbps-src pkg delta-plugin
  4. Install from your local repo: xbps-install --repository=./hostdir/binpkgs/delta-plugin delta-plugin
This page was last modified on: 2022-05-01