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About me

In case you're wondering "who is this person?": I work with software and systems in various ways. I like to tinker and I've got an interest in making, altering/modding, and playing video games. I'm also an okay musician, and I love to jam.

You can find my code on Github, Sourcehut, and my project-specific, self-hosted Gitea instance. All other projects (audio, video, etc) are featured on this website.

Latest Blog Entries

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2020-04-05: Using My Laptop's Nvidia GPU On Linux
2020-01-13: Fallout New Vegas On Linux With Wine And DXVK
2019-11-10: Reviving My Blog With Soupault
2018-11-27: Emacs & Python: My Setup 2018
2018-06-09: Emacs daemon as a runit service
2018-04-21: MPD: My Setup 2018
2018-01-24: Selenium testing with a Django application - locally and in CI
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