My XBPS Repo!

Packages I've built that may be useful to others.

How To Use

Create the file /etc/xbps.d/ with the following contents:


The first time you sync with this repo, you will be asked to verify the key fingerprint (see below).

Repo Key Fingerprint:


Repo Contents

Browse the repository, packages are detailed below.

Installing Packages

Packages can be installed and updated the way any other package is installed or updated, with the exception of Mesa and friends (see below).

Installing Mesa

To install the Mesa packages, use this command:

sudo xbps-install MesaLib-devel-19.3_rc4 libEGL-19.3_rc4 libGL-19.3_rc4 libGLES-19.3_rc4 libOSMesa-19.3_rc4 libgbm-19.3_rc4 libglapi-19.3_rc4 libxatracker-19.3_rc4 mesa-ati-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-intel-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-nouveau-dri-19.3_rc4 mesa-opencl-19.3_rc4 mesa-vmwgfx-dri-19.3_rc4

To get 32bit packages:

sudo xbps-install libEGL-32bit-19.3_rc4 libGL-32bit-19.3_rc4 libGLES-32bit-19.3_rc4 libOSMesa-32bit-19.3_rc4 mesa-ati-dri-32bit-19.3_rc4 libglapi-32bit-19.3_rc4

The packages need to be installed all at once, or else they will fail to install due to version conflicts.

Other available (more bleeding-edge) versions include: 20.0.0_dev1, 20.0.0_dev2

To uninstall:

sudo xbps-install --force MesaLib-devel libEGL libGL libGLES libOSMesa libgbm libglapi libxatracker mesa-ati-dri mesa-intel-dri mesa-nouveau-dri mesa-opencl mesa-vmwgfx-dri

Force is needed above because the packages are actually already installed, and XBPS will consider this a downgrade. At this point, you can re-enable this repo if you want (remove the # you inserted to disable it, then re-sync your repos).

Getting Help

If you use any of these packages and have a problem, please let me know by opening an issue on my void-packages fork repository. Alternatively, you can contact me directly about it.

Proton Builds

Okay, this isn't Void a package but it fits well enough here.

This page was last modified on: 2019-12-08