Style changes -- and new content!


I rolled out a new style for the site a few weeks ago - I've dropped Bootstrap for Skeleton and cleaned up the style in general. I had been relying pretty heavily on Bootstrap for the style of the site, and it gave me what I wanted, but I wanted to shrink the size of each page and I knew that Bootstrap wasn't helping.

I grabbed two screenshots of my site being accessed with a fresh cache; one with the old Bootstrap layout, and another with the new Skeleton-based style. The actual look is pretty similar, but as you can see the total page download size is less than one third the original! That's pretty good.

In addition to all that, I've also added a "media" section of the site. This is where things like asciinema clips or audio video tracks will live. On that note I am currently working on a podcast that will focus on Free Software, Unix, and other things that I like. The first of this type of content I've added is a clip that demonstrates setting up Emacs as a sweet C/C++ IDE. Check it out.

So expect that and maybe some recordings of me playing Fishbone and/or Fugazi songs, and bring your jamming shoes!

This page was last modified on: 2020-07-26