Hristos' Audio/Visual Stuff

Mario Kart 8: A Win!
Posted on 2018-01-07

This is a clip of me nailing a win while riding a blue stuffed teddy bear.  Nothing too special.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Burn Baby Burn!
Posted on 2018-01-07

This clip demonstrates BotW's slick fire and physics.  Watch as I burn a pile of boxes in the woods!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild random occurrences Vol. 1
Posted on 2018-01-07

This clip is a testament to the living nature of the world in this game.  I'm jumping off of a cliff while looking for something and drop in on a bit of unexpected wildlife...

Watch me listen to music!
Posted on 2017-12-01

Behold the glory that is ncmpcpp's visualizer!

Short Setup
Posted on 2017-10-10

Not too short since the target host is slow, but you know.  Watch as I set up a VM from nothing with ansible!  Everything from sshd configs to the iptables rules is managed via a config management system.

Visor Advisor: Take One
Posted on 2017-10-02

This tune was penned and played by a band I jammed with in high school.  Today, I present to you a reimagining of that song!

Recorded in my basement, live, with a mic dalngling from the ceiling.  Me on the drums, Mr. Swan on the guitar.

Crappy covers: volume one
Posted on 2017-06-05

This is a quick track I recorded to test my whole recording setup, as I set it up.  The song is "Refuse/Resist" by Sepultura; I'm doing the rhythm, baby.

Crappy covers - long jam edition
Posted on 2017-06-04

This is a very rough recording of a jam session of mine.  My normal routine is to put a series of tunes on shuffle and just jam along - this is the result of today's second jam session:

1. Generator (00:00)
2. Linoleum (03:38)
3. Fuck The Border (05:40)
4. Waiting Room (07:21)
5. Bad Mouth (10:05)
6. Give Me The Cure (12:45)
7. Margin Walker (15:39)
8. Burning Too (18:10)
9. Repeater (21:01)
10. Greed (24:03)
11. Two Beats Off (25:50)
12. Styrofoam (29:18)
13. Arpeggiator (31:54)
14. Simple (36:52)
15. Infested (40:08)
16. Brendan #1 (43:26)
17. Merchandise (45:35)
18. Arpeggiator/Roots outro (48:28)

Quick C/C++ IDE with Emacs and clang/LLVM
Posted on 2017-01-21

Using my Emacs configuration. C/C++ are the focus of this clip, but you'll be set up for much more. Most of the clip is sort of boring (waiting for stuff to download from MELPA and etc) but everything comes together at around 0:57 seconds in.

The auto-expansion bits (like when I expand main into an actual function) are provided by YASnippet, the autocomplete by irony-mode.