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MPD: My Setup 2018
Posted by Hristos T. on 2018-04-20, under the category GNU/Linux
Tags: music, mpd

UPDATE 2018-04-27: Of course not even a week after I posted this, I've made yet another tweak -- see the Bonus section at the end of the entry for more details.

I figured it was time for a follow-up to my previous entries on MPD that describes the current state of my setup with all of its evolutions. Here we go!

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MPD through a bluetooth speaker
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-02-25, under the category Computers
Tags: pulseaudio, mpd

UPDATE: be sure to check out my updated entry on MPD!

I recently grabbed a bluetooth speaker, intending to mostly use it with my phone, but I quickly found myself wanting to play my laptop's MPD through it. Today I'll describe how I got it going - and In the process we'll also resolve some issues with the setup described in my other MPD post. The process was pretty straight forward but it didn't just work so I figured I would talk about it a bit here.

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MPD for local listening
Posted by Hristos T. on 2016-03-27, under the category Computers
Tags: music, mpd

UPDATE! Check out my other post on MPD to see how some of the flaws of the setup described here are resolved!

Recently, out of a desire to use less memory while listening to music, I've been exploring different ways of listening to music under GNU/Linux. There's a wealth of GUI-based as well as terminal-based music playing itrfaces out there, and I've never really been a fan of most of them. Terminal-based players never appealed to me; I'm not someone who needs to do everything in the terminal and find it limiting for some things.

For a few years now, I've been using (and still really like) Clementine, but the size of my collection (more than 10,000 tracks) causes it to use quite a bit of memory. This becomes a problem when I'm doing other things that are also memory-hungry (virtual machines, games, most anything java) and I start swapping. But what are the options if you want something minimal?

In this (long) post I'll talk about using MPD for local listening enjoyment!

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