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Always learning: new git tricks
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-09-14, under the category Programming
Tag: git

Imagine the following scenario: you keep the dotfiles for several machines under one git repo with some submodules, including one machine which clones a submodule from a GitHub repo that I own (so it's cloned over SSH, not HTTPS.) No problem when I do a recursive clone when using ...

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Control the dotfiles!
Posted by Hristos T. on 2015-08-30, under the category Computers
Tags: git, dotfiles

When I was first learning to use GNU/Linux and scripting, I was dead set on creating the bestest backup script. You see, during this period I would very frequently hop distros and I wanted an easy way to restore various settings I wanted. I had never really used any kind of version control system, so methodical usage of tar seemed like the logical choice. Even if it wasn't the best solution, I was trying to do what I could to get the most out of my experience working and playing within this ecosystem. I wanted to shape it as close to exactly what I wanted as possible, and maybe along the way find out new things to try and add to the mix.

It wasn't until a few years later that I was able to implement a system for achieving exactly what I was trying to do with a backups script but without making any traditional backups at all.

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