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Using GUI Emacs as an editor for ansible-vault with fish-shell
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-11-23, under the category Emacs
Tags: fish, ansible

If you didn't know, ansible-vault is a nifty tool that lets you encrypt things for use with Ansible. For some reason that I've not yet discovered, ansible-vault doesn't care if you've set EDITOR /usr/bin/emacs in your fish.config. To work around this, I use the following alias function:

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Why I Like Fish
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-02-08, under the category Programming
Tags: zsh, fish

I am of course talking about the Friendly Interactive SHell!

For about three or four years now, I've been a pretty happy zsh user. I had a pretty decent, not-too-complex/customized setup based on a popular framework that bills itself as "minimal", but a recent whim prompted me to check out fish.

The familiarity offered by zsh wasn't enough, though, when compared to the tradeoff of far less config for as much as or arguable more functionality. Intrigued? Want to hear more?

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