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Selenium testing with a Django application - locally and in CI
Posted by Hristos T. on 2018-01-24, under the category GNU/Linux
Tags: testing, selenium, python, django, buildbot

Updated 2018-04-09 - check out the end of this entry to see how I solved chrome driver instability!

It's great to have unit tests in any piece of software, but for web applications they aren't enough to ensure funcitonality. To fully ensure things work, you need to actually open each page in a web browser and use it, which is of course something that's not even remotely doable by hand. Selenium allows you to automate the process of using your web application in a real browser, and it has a fantastic Python library that's easy to integrate into a Django project. With a good suite of Selenium tests, you could have full confidence that your application fully works without manually using any part of it yourself. Join me as I discuss adding Selenium tests to a Django project that are ran both locally and in a CI environment on a headless server.

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