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Emacs & Python: My Setup 2018
Posted by Hristos T. on 2018-11-27, under the category Emacs
Tag: python

Earlier this year I did an expansion to my entries on MPD, sort of a state of my setup piece, and I've decided to do the same thing for my Emacs and Python setups as well. If you write Python code and use Emacs, or are interested in either, read on!

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Emacs daemon as a runit service
Posted by Hristos T. on 2018-06-08, under the category Emacs
Tag: runit

So, you want to run an Emacs daemon as a runit service - and you also want to connect to it in your desktop session. Thanks to the new --fg-daemon option in Emacs 26.x you now can! I'm going to describe how to set up the service, as well as sudo rules for managing it without requiring a password each time. Read on for the exciting details!

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Using GUI Emacs as an editor for ansible-vault with fish-shell
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-11-23, under the category Emacs
Tags: fish, ansible

If you didn't know, ansible-vault is a nifty tool that lets you encrypt things for use with Ansible. For some reason that I've not yet discovered, ansible-vault doesn't care if you've set EDITOR /usr/bin/emacs in your fish.config. To work around this, I use the following alias function:

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Org mode's agenda list as initial-buffer-choice with Emacs' daemon mode
Posted by Hristos T. on 2017-10-25, under the category Emacs
Tag: orgmode

Normally when I want to do anything with Emacs it's a matter of writing some Elisp code and poof, I've got what I want. Anything can be realized, it's usually just a matter of knowing which internal to tweak or what to implement. With that in mind, now that ...

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